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Share The Love :: Zoya & Sabian

Real wedding advice from some of our most beloved couples.

by @jadoreurlife | @hellowanderbeats

(Zoya and Sabian - by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

Zoya & Sabian, Spring of 2022

When we first chatted with Zoya & Sabian, their love for each other was so clear. It was extra special that they had already seen us perform and had a mutual friend refer us. Once we began planning with them and heard what they were dreaming up for their special day, we realized how excited all of their guests would be to celebrate their love - and it was abundantly clear what a special couple we were getting to know.

Their day was so lovely, in all ways. From their unique and special moments, to their beautiful venue (it was so great working with the team at Frost Creek), to being a part of Zoya's family's cultural traditions and dances, to the dance FLOOR (y'all, this was a DAY wedding and their friends & family 100% brought the dance moves!) - but honestly just watching these two throughout the day was the best part.

The most fun, though, is that we've really gotten to know Zoya & Sabian and have had the pleasure of seeing them at so many other music events since! It always makes us smile bigger when we see them on the dance floor.

So without further ado, Zoya & Sabian are sharing the love!

(Just married - by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

How did you two meet?

We first met at a party in college and reconnected a year later and became fast friends. Love followed soon after, and have been inseparable ever since.

Tell us about your proposal!

It was perfectly intimate. We had just got home from dinner and were sitting next to each other. Sabian was looking at me nervously. He told me he was ready to be engaged and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I immediately said yes! (soooo sweet!)

How did you choose your wedding location?

As both of us are Colorado born and raised, we wanted our wedding somewhere in the mountains. We picked Frost Creek as our venue and it was perfect. The mountain views, and beautiful, sunny, spring weather was such a blessing.

(Surrounded by love - by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

What made you choose Wander Beats as your DJ?

We had both watched Walt and Jenny perform multiple times at Temple in years past. I reached out to my cousin who referred us to Tom to get in touch with Wander Beats. We both love music and it was very important to us to have talented, passionate, and most importantly fun DJs. From our first interaction with Jenny and Walt, we knew we had chosen the best in the business and couldn't be happier with them sharing our special day with us. (blushing you guys, thank you so much for choosing us!)

How did you feel the morning of your wedding?

Zoya - I was so excited. I am notoriously grumpy in the morning, but I have never been so happy to wake up early in my entire life. Getting ready surrounded by all of the special women in my life was incredible. I could not wait to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend. (just here to say that we can't imagine that sweet Zoya is ever grumpy!)

Sabian- While Zoya is notoriously not a morning person, I don't mind early mornings haha. But I do remember waking up extra early just to make sure there was time to make sure everything was perfect (even with all this extra time, the groomsmen and myself still forgot about getting and putting on the boutonnieres until the last second). I did feel a fair amount of nervousness leading up to getting to the venue, but that all went away after first seeing all the family and friends there, and then the calmest turned to excitement seeing Zoya walk down the aisle.

What were your most meaningful moments throughout your day?

Zoya- The day was filled with so many beautiful moments. My mom helping me put my dress on was so special and I am so thankful for everything she did that day. The father daughter dance was another one of my favorite moments, I loved crying happy tears on the dance floor. (we 100% cried too!) The ceremony was the most special moment of my life. Hearing Sabian's vows, I felt so loved and happy. The day was absolutely wonderful, and I am so so thankful to have had so many people that love Sabian and I all together to celebrate with us.

Sabian - The most meaningful moment of the day was watching Zoya walk down the aisle and seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress. I was incredibly grateful to have the perfect day surrounded by so much family, and so many friends, Every moment of the day was fun and I truly felt all the work and preparation that everyone had put in culminated in the perfect way.

(Not a dry eye- by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

What from your day do you HIGHLY recommend for other couples planning a wedding?

Make sure to focus on your love and future, and prioritize the things that you will remember the most. Don't let little things throw you off of your happiness, and know that even if everything goes wrong, that the day is just about the two of you. (this is such wonderful advice you two, YES this is what it is ALL about!)

(The sweetest first dance - by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

What was your favorite moment on the dance floor?

Zoya- The first dance with Sabian was incredible. It felt like a dream getting to dance with my husband for the first time. Even now as a write this I cannot help but tear up thinking about the father-daughter dance. It was so special to have that moment with my dad. From there the dance floor was all energy and smiles. I loved boogie-ing with my bridesmaids and all of our friends. I also loved that I got to do traditional Macedonian dances as well, and am so thankful to Walt and Jenny for working in Macedonian songs <3

Sabian - My first dance with Zoya was perfect, and I also loved watching Zoya and her dad share their Father-Daughter dance. I have so many memories that make me laugh thinking about of friends and family letting loose on the dance floor. From Sam doing a handstand and collapsing, to all the girls throwing their high-heels off to come and dance; all unforgettable. And none of it would have been possible if we didn't have you guys as the DJs.

What's your best advice to offer up & pay it forward to future wedding couples?

HIRE WANDER BEATS!!! The dance floor brought so much joy, love, and energy to our wedding. Jenny and Walt helped us organize speeches and made sure that all of our favorite songs were played at just the right moment. (Again we are blushing! We had the absolute best time working with you and are so grateful that you chose us to bring your dream soundtrack to life).

(Look at these pics of their EPIC dance floor - by Kristen Vance, Photographer)

Dance Floor This Way :: The Wedding Details

Venue :: Frost Creek

Photographer :: Kristen Vance

Bride Processional Song :: Across The Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones), John Williams & London Symphony Orhestra

Recessional :: Viva Las Vegas, Elvis Presley

Bride & Groom Entrance :: The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme), John Williams & London Symphony Orhestra

First Dance :: Can't Help Falling In Love, Elvis Presley

Cheers to so many happy years ahead, Zoya and Sabian.

Thank you so much for sharing your love & advice with future couples!


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