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lives and breathes DJing.  His love for music came from his parents who are both symphony musicians and music teachers.  Music education and mentoring has always been a part of his life.  He played multiple classic instruments growing up - and when Walt was introduced to Electronic Dance Music decades ago, watching a world touring artist for the first time … everything just clicked.  

He has been on a one way street with DJing and DJ gear technology ever since.

Walt White is NOT your typical wedding DJ, he is an everything DJ.  Walt is widely known for his ability to effortlessly blend any musical genre no matter the crowd or setting. He captures sounds that are hot and cutting-edge, but also integrates music that is classic and timeless. Drawing on all forms of music, Walt has an uncanny ability to connect to everyone within his reach. Walt will play ANY genre of music on any DJ gear with flawless skill.  Walt’s super power is his programming and mixing skillset.  When Walt mixes, the music will merge, blend, and layer together seamlessly.  One song will emerge from the next with sheer elegance or explode out the next with jumping energy.   Walt will create a flawless artistic performance based on the sound style you choose with our sound styling application, but he will not operate a playlist or be a jukebox.  


Walt holds EDM residencies at Temple Night Club and with Global Dance Events including Global Dance Festival & Decadence. Walt also holds open format / TOP40 residencies at Lodos Night Club, Nativ Hotel, Mile High Spirits & 303 Magazine Events.  He is a sought after Special Events DJ and has over two decades of experience performing at professionally produced weddings, high profile corporate events, professional sports stadium  performances, school events and fashion shows.  


Walt is also the production manager at the biggest night clubs and music festivals in Colorado.  His production skills with sound and lightening are impeccable.  He brings that skill to all his events as an added level of protection for his clients. 

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