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How long have you two been married?

We've been head over heels since 2008 and were blissfully wed (we eloped!) in 2015.

Those who play together ... do you DJ together?

We haven't kicked each other completely out of the booth yet ;). We sometimes DJ together and totally love how our styles complement each other flawlessly.  We also share our track collection with one another.  Although we more frequently take single bookings, if you have a request for us to DJ together for your event, let us know - we love to make it happen when we can!  If you are looking for a mix of more open format and housey/EDM music, we are the perfect match to play your event together!

Does your son DJ?

We have a 10 year old who is the raddest of them all, and he is incredible behind the decks!  If you have a family friendly event, ask us about booking him, he has rocked a ton of events already and if booked, he comes with Walt to assist and make sure your event executes flawlessly!

So can we only book you to play in Luna the trailer?

Nope!  You can book us with or without Luna.  We have a customized DJ booth and can set up indoors or outdoors at your venue.  Don't have the perfect venue yet?  We would love to help you source it!

What kind of events do you DJ?

Both of us play a massive variety of functions including nightclubs, weddings, special events, fashion shows, birthday parties, showers, community festivals, corporate gatherings,  immersive parties, yoga & fitness classes, pool parties, cultural events, brand launches and promotions...the list goes on.  We love to work across various genres and spend a great amount of time creating a unique sound style for each event that we play.

Where can we see you DJ?

Click HERE for our schedule of public events - and let us know if you're coming so that we can add you to our VIP guestlist! 

We don't bring guests to our private events.

Mic Drop! Do you MC as well?

Our styles are each light on the microphone - we're DJs first and realize that our skillset is best focused on the tunes.  We'll never be that cheesy wedding DJ stereotype, covering poor mixes and transitions with microphone banter.  We'll hop on the mic to announce as necessary throughout, and to be sure that your event flows flawlessly.  We do happen to know and work with some spectacular hosts - if you want a dedicated MC for your event who is a rockstar on the microphone, please let us know if you'd like a recommendation.

I really don't want cheesy music.  Are you going to play the chicken dance?

We will take specific requests (we actually give all clients their own account in our sound styling app!) and mix them flawlessly in our performance where they fit harmonically and energetically.  It is extremely important that we curate a performance based on your preferred sound style and musical tastes, but we are not a juke box and we do not operate a playlist.  We create unique art with our mixes in the booth.  During our planning sessions, you (and your guests if you'd like them to have input) will have the opportunity to share your requests through our app - and you'll even more importantly fill out a "do not play" list so that we can be sure your event is free from all the cheese.  

What will you wear to our event?

We will always check in with you about your event style and dress trendy, in-line with what you've planned.  Brownie points for ya if there's a theme and you get Walt to dress up in costume!

We are not located in Colorado - will you travel for our event?

YES - we will travel outside of the Denver area and outside of Colorado!  Although we love playing all around CO, some of our favorite gigs have been in Hawaii, Palm Springs and Brazil! Travel logistics will be worked out at booking process.

Do you DJ virtual events?

We do, it's actually become a love of ours amongst the crazy times of the past couple years.  From more intimate virtual gatherings to massive corporate experiences, we love to work with you to customize the experience you're delivering.  Walt has created a custom green screen studio in his teaching space - the perfect setting to host your virtual gathering and uniquely incorporate your backgrounds, branding, etc.

What are the dimensions of Luna (the trailer)? / Can she go indoors?

Luna dimensions : 

The dimensions of our trailer are:

  • Length 14.5 feet

  • Width 6.5 feet

  • Height 8 feet

YES, Luna can definitely go indoors - if your event space has an opening of at least 8.5 feet tall and 7 feet wide, we can most likely make it work.

If your event space does not have a large enough opening, consider booking our uniquely curated portable DJ booth.

What sound equipment is included?

Our base rate includes the following sound specs :

(perfect for 25 foot x 25 foot dance floor)

6000 watts

2 - 2000 watt powered monitors

1 - 2000 watt sub

Beyond that, we offer customized packages ranging from the above option to Red Rocks Amphitheater level sound systems. 

Truly, the sky is the limit.  Let us know what you're dreaming up and we will go and make it happen!

Do you have your own electricity?

If your space does NOT have electricity, we can obtain a generator and can discuss with the specifics for your event.

We have already booked another DJ for our event - is Luna available for rental?

YES - please REACH OUT to discuss specifics.

Can I decorate around Luna for my specific event?

ABSOLUTELY, of course - we love seeing how each gathering uniquely incorporates their theme into decorations on and around Luna, it really makes your special day pop.  LET'S TALK!

Do you have a Photo Booth?

YES, and we love it SO much!  Her name is HoneySnap and she is SO sweet.  She offers a 100% digital, eco-friendly social photo booth and can be used for in-person AND virtual events!  She can be booked on her own or added to your DJ package with a discount. 

Check it out HERE.

Does HoneySnap offer digital images?

YES, HoneySnap offers 100% eco-friendly digital images.  It instantly sends them to your guests and can also offer GIFs, boomerangs, videos, filters, LED & digital masks.

Can HoneySnap be branded to my event?

It sure can - you can even create a custom hashtag for easy social sharing.

Do you offer a discount on HoneySnap if you're DJing our event?

You're in luck, we sure do ... and it's major.

How can HoneySnap be used in my virtual event?

We know, it seems strange to think of a Photo Booth in a virtual event, but this offering is so darn cool!  Incorporate HoneySnap into any virtual event - virtual conferences, weddings, birthdays, product launches, reunions, etc -to easily create a beautiful, unique and customized experience - and a branded gallery.

Can HoneySnap be used in my business?

We offer multiple ways that you can use HoneySnap in your business to encourage social sharing and uplift your customer experience.  Consider the HoneySnap booth for a short-term or long-term rental, or virtual HoneySnap (works great at your check-out or tables!)

Is your question not answered here?  

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